Helotes Dentist Discusses Hypoplasia and Hypomineralization

May 6, 2017

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Learn about hypoplasia and hypomineralization from your Helotes dentist at Alamo Springs Dental. You might have to Google the words hypoplasia and hypomineralization in order to know what we’re talking about. But if you saw a picture, you’d probably say, “Sure, I’ve seen that before.” Hypoplasia and hypomineralization are two dental conditions that appear as visible pits and grooves in tooth enamel—hypoplasia—or as bright white spots, hypomineralization. Read on to learn more about these from your Helotes dentist at Alamo Springs Dental.


Alamo Springs Dental Recommends BPA-Free Dental Sealants

July 9, 2016

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dentist for Stillwater RanchAll of us at Alamo Springs Dental are concerned about the health of our patients. And not just oral health, but overall health, as well. That’s why we pay close attention to the materials we use in the office and that go into your mouth. This is especially important with our pediatric patients, whose body’s can react differently than adults to a wide variety of substances. One of those substances is Bisphenol A, or BPA. Therefore, the dentist for Stillwater Ranch only uses BPA-free dental sealants to protect your children’s teeth and their general health.


Oral Cancer Screening in San Antonio, TX

June 9, 2016

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oral cancer screeningAt each one of your twice-yearly dental checkups, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Moreno will conduct an oral cancer screening in San Antonio, TX. Like any other type of cancer screening, this is designed to spot early warning signs before the cancer develops. One of the types of cancers we look for is called verrucous carcinoma. Let’s take a closer look at what verrucous carcinoma is, how it starts and how it is treated.


We’ve Got a Great Mother’s Day Idea…

May 2, 2016

dentist alamo ranchThis mother’s day, forget the spa treatments and flowers. Why don’t you surprise her with something she’s definitely not expecting? A trip to the dentist in Alamo Ranch! Ok ok, we know it’s probably not at the top of your list for gift ideas, but we think it should be. After all, what could be more valuable than strong, healthy teeth that last a lifetime?


Check out your 78254 neighborhood dentist in 2016!

January 20, 2016

78254 dentistHey there, and welcome to Alamo Springs Dental’s new blog! We’re so excited to unroll this in January — because what better time is there to consider improvements than the New Year? At Alamo Springs Dental, we know you’re thinking about how you can live healthier and happier in 2016, and we want to help you do just that. That’s why we think it’s a good idea for our inaugural blog post to be a simple snapshot of all the wonderful services you can find from your 78254 dentist!