We’ve Got a Great Mother’s Day Idea…

May 2, 2016

dentist alamo ranchThis mother’s day, forget the spa treatments and flowers. Why don’t you surprise her with something she’s definitely not expecting? A trip to the dentist in Alamo Ranch! Ok ok, we know it’s probably not at the top of your list for gift ideas, but we think it should be. After all, what could be more valuable than strong, healthy teeth that last a lifetime?

Preventive Care Crucial for Her Healthy Smile

As mothers themselves, your dentists at Alamo Springs Dental know sending mom to the dentist would be a wonderful surprise. Too often, regular preventive care gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of other errands and obligations.

Unfortunately, ignoring preventive dental care is a big mistake. Twice-annual checkups and cleanings are vital for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, and for ensuring the most conservative restorative treatments are possible when something does affect the health of a smile.

Help the mother you love so much prioritize her teeth by scheduling a checkup and cleaning with the dentist near Wildhorse TX right now! We know it’ll be something she’ll be so happy to receive.

Cosmetic Dentistry = A Beautiful Surprise

If your mother does stay on top of her regular preventive care, that’s great! We’ve also got a number of cosmetic treatments available to help mom reveal the dazzling smile of her dreams. Which one of these would she enjoy the most?

  • Cosmetic bonding: The most affordable cosmetic treatment option, bonding uses a composite resin material to improve the appearance of chipped, fractured, slightly misaligned or gapped front teeth. When minor smile improvements could make a big difference, cosmetic bonding is the option to choose.
  • Porcelain veneers: For teeth that have been affected by a number of cosmetic issues, like cracks, chips, stains and misshapen teeth or those with slight misalignments, porcelain veneers provide a much-needed smile do-over.
  • Teeth whitening: Help the mother you love enjoy smile rejuvenation with a professional teeth whitening treatment. In-office and at-home treatments are available to help her reveal her brighter results at the pace she’s comfortable with.
  • All-ceramic crowns: For a tooth that needs its form and function restored, an all-ceramic crown provides the perfect solution. It’s a thin covering that completely surrounds the damaged tooth, stabilizing and protecting it from further problems. Natural-looking ceramic blends beautifully with the rest of the smile.

Book Her Mother’s Day Visit Today!

Forget the spa next Sunday — choose to gift her dental care and help your mother enjoy all the benefits of a smile that’s beautiful and healthy. Contact Alamo Springs Dental to book her Mother’s Day appointment with the dentist near Stillwater Ranch today! We know she’ll be so happy (and surprised!) that you chose to honor her dental health this Mother’s Day.

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