5 Important Reasons to Soak Your Dentures in Helotes

December 16, 2016

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Why do I need to soak my dentures in Helotes?It’s the end of the day and you have just finished cleaning your dentures. You’re tired and just want to go to bed, but your dentist at Alamo Springs Dental said you should soak your dentures every night. Why? You brush them and they look perfectly clean, is it really necessary? Very much so! Here are 5 reasons why soaking your dentures in Helotes is so important.

1. Your Dentures Have Pores

Even though the acrylic on your dentures looks solid, it’s actually full of tiny pores. You can’t possibly reach them when you brush your dentures. These pores are an ideal place for bacteria to gather and multiply, and this can easily contribute to gum disease. By soaking your dentures, you’re cleaning out these pores and protecting yourself from infection.

2. Bacteria Increases As You Age

Your mouth is full of naturally occurring bacteria, and it is what causes tooth decay and gum disease. As you age, this amount of bacteria steadily increases as your saliva production decreases. This is especially true for people with certain medical conditions that can cause dry mouth. Your dentures can harbor a lot of this bacteria, and soaking them cleans it off.

3. Rest Your Gums

Your gums go through a lot supporting your dentures all day. They are constantly being exposed to pressure they are not built to take. A well-fitting pair of dentures can mitigate this, but they will never be able to fully replicate how your natural teeth work in your mouth. Your gums can easily become sore and irritated after wearing them for an extended amount of time, so soaking them gives your gums a chance to rest.

4. It Helps Maintain the Shape

Your dentures can actually change shape if they get too try. It’s a big difference going from your mouth to the open air, and leaving them out too long can cause them to get too dry and warp. This can affect their fit, which can make them uncomfortable. Help maintain their shape and always soak them at the end of the day.

5. It Protects You From Bacteria

Not only does soaking your dentures clean the bacteria that is already on them, it also protect them from gathering more. When you leave them out in the open air, they are exposed to more bacteria, which can easily end up in your mouth.

What Should I Soak Them In?

There are a variety of products for soaking your dentures, and the best way to figure out which one is best is to ask your dentist in Helotes at Alamo Springs Dental. They’ll be able to tell you which product they think will be most effective and why.

If you have any other questions about how to maintain your dentures, just ask, so call us today.

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