How to Tell If You Have a Cavity Between Your Teeth

January 11, 2023

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Most people never know they have a cavity until they hear it from their dentist. However, pain and sensitivity can manifest themselves, serving as telltale signs that a problem exists. When looking in your mouth, do you see dark spots on your teeth? When flossing, does the string snag when moving between teeth? To help you determine if you might have a cavity between your teeth, a dentist in Alamo Ranch shares what you might look for.

How Does a Cavity Between Teeth Form?

Also referred to as an interproximal cavity, it forms just like other dental caries. When bacteria adhere to teeth, it results in plaque and tartar forming. This causes a breakdown of tooth enamel, the outermost layer, which then leads to a cavity.

This is often caused by poor oral hygiene, unhealthy eating habits (i.e., too much sugar and carbohydrates), and dental damage.

Signs You Have a Cavity

Cavities that form on the outer or chewing surfaces of teeth can be easy to spot if you know what to look for, but those that hide between teeth can remain out of sight until it’s time to see your dentist. This is why it’s helpful to know what signs to look for to determine if you might be dealing with a cavity:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Sudden tooth pain
  • Snagging or fraying of dental floss
  • Inability to bite down comfortably
  • Visible holes
  • Staining on your teeth

Ways to Treat Interproximal Cavities

There are a few different options that can be recommended for treating interproximal cavities, some of which include:

  • A dental filling – Your dentist may suggest a tooth-colored filling that will blend in with your natural smile while also protecting your tooth from reinfection.
  • Fluoride treatment – It is possible that depending on the severity of the cavity, your dentist may be able to use fluoride gel to recalcify the outer layer of the tooth.
  • A dental crown – If the cavity cannot be adequately treated with a dental filling, your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown, which will fit over the vulnerable tooth and offer maximum protection and strength.
  • Tooth extraction – In the most severe circumstances, your dentist might suggest removing the tooth if the decay is too extensive. You’ll then need to discuss ways to replace it.

Having a cavity between your teeth is never something you expect to hear; however, with a skilled dental team, you can get the care you need so that your oral health remains in optimal shape.

About the Authors
Dr. Michele Moreno and Dr. Aiyana Zenobia Anderson want your family members to maintain healthy smiles. As skilled dentists in Alamo Ranch, they believe in the importance of preventive care. Catching problems early on is crucial to ensuring the longevity of a person’s smile, which is why we invite you and your loved ones to contact us at (210) 463-9339 if you think you might have a cavity and need professional help.

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