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Cosmetic Bonding – Alamo Ranch, TX

Hiding Imperfections to Reveal Beautiful Smiles

A young woman wearing a yellow sweater and pointing to her smile after having cosmetic bonding in Alamo Ranch, TX

Minor tooth cracks, chips, stains, and discoloration are common. As you age, changes in your smile will occur, often leaving you looking for a solution that will enhance and revitalize your appearance. As more and more dentists begin offering cosmetic dentistry services, you may find many options can help you achieve the smile you desire. At Alamo Springs Dental, one of the most popular and cost-effective treatments is cosmetic bonding in Alamo Ranch, TX. Using a color-matched composite resin, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Moreno can easily cover your imperfections and have you on your way in just one visit. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call our office today!

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

A dental professional using a small dental tool to remove composite resin from a tube in preparation for placement

Cosmetic bonding is a special treatment that uses the same type of composite resin that is found in a tooth-colored filling. Matched to your natural tooth color to ensure a blended, natural look, it can easily cover a variety of dental flaws, including:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Minor gaps
  • Misshapen teeth

The process to receive cosmetic bonding requires only one visit. In no time at all, you will have a new and improved smile you can be proud to show off.

The Cosmetic Bonding Procedure

A young female smiling as a dentist discusses the process of cosmetic bonding during a consultation

Before you can begin the cosmetic bonding process, you will need to schedule a consultation with either Dr. Anderson or Dr. Moreno. Either will be happy to sit down and discuss your smile goals as well as perform an examination of your teeth. Determining your problem areas and how best to address them, they will create a personalized treatment plan.

While it is likely you will have other options available to you for this type of treatment, should you prefer cosmetic bonding, they will begin by identifying the correct shade for the composite resin. Using a shade guide, they will place it next to your natural teeth to determine which one appropriately matches. Once this is achieved, they will gently roughen your teeth to ensure the bonding agent properly adheres.

After extracting the resin from its container, your cosmetic dentist will apply it directly onto the enamel and begin to shape and sculpt it to cover the imperfection. Making it sure it lays flat against your tooth, a curing light is used to harden the resin into place.

The last step before you leave is to receive a final polishing, as this will give your smile the radiant glow you deserve.

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

A young man lying back in a dentist’s chair and smiling while a dentist prepares to check his teeth

  • The entire process is completed in just one visit to our office
  • There is little-to-no altering of your regular teeth, only a slight roughening
  • It is less expensive than other cosmetic solutions (i.e. porcelain veneers)
  • It can last 10 years or more with the right level of care
  • You’ll notice a dramatic difference in your appearance and overall self-confidence

Cost of Cosmetic Bonding

A female patient happy and surprised by the results of her cosmetic bonding

There is no definitive price tag that can be placed on cosmetic bonding. Why? Because every patient is different. Your particular dental needs may vary from your friend or neighbor, which is why you can expect a customized cost estimate during your consultation.

After Dr. Moreno or Dr. Anderson examines your smile and determines that cosmetic bonding is right for you, there will consider various factors before providing you with a price of how much you can expect it to cost. Some of these include:

  • The number of teeth requiring cosmetic bonding
  • The materials used
  • If sedation is required
  • Initial consultation

While it is highly unlikely that your dental insurance company will agree to cover this type of procedure, it is best if you check with a representative first. It is also possible that you can inquire about additional payment options through our office. Our staff will be happy to help!