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Cigna Dental

Cigna is one of the larger providers of dental insurance in the United States. If you and your loved ones are covered by this dental plan, we have good news -- Alamo Springs Dental is in-network with Cigna! That means we can help you save big on the dental services you and your loved ones need to enjoy clean, healthy, and complete smiles for a lifetime. Keep reading to learn more about how this dental insurance works in San Antonio.

What Cigna Dental Insurance Covers

Cigna offers affordable dental plans for purchase alongside medical insurance. The specifics of your coverage will be determined on a few particulars decided upon the time of enrollment, like your copay, annual maximum, and deductible. Beyond these variables, you can expect to receive the following valuable benefits in exchange for a regular monthly payment (the premium).

  • Two checkups and cleanings per year for free
  • A set of X-rays at no cost to you
  • Savings on restorative dental care ranging from 50% to 80%
  • Additional savings on preventive treatments for children, including dental sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Discounts on orthodontic treatment (including Invisalign)

Cosmetic treatments and other elective procedures are usually not covered by any dental insurance plan, including Cigna.

Benefits of Visiting a Cigna Dentist

A Cigna dentist is someone who has come to a contractual agreement to provide certain benefits for you at a predetermined reduced price. This means you will not have to pay any extra fees out of pocket and wait for an investment to come later on -- simply hand over what you owe (if anything!) and be on your way.

Some of the additional benefits of visiting a dentist in San Antonio who is in-network with your Cigna plan include:

  • We can perform a “verification of benefits” when you visit our office for the first time. This is when we call Cigna directly to find out just what you are eligible for. Based on this information, our team of experts can identify ways to help you save on dental care.
  • A Cigna dental team is aware of any changes that occur with Cigna coverage and can keep you updated on how they may affect your coverage.
  • We take care of all of the paperwork so you don’t have to!
  • You can count on a Cigna dental team to offer sound advice on how to maximize your investment in dental insurance.

Stretching Your Cigna Benefits

In order to make the most out of your Cigna dental insurance, make sure you are visiting an in-network provider like us here at Alamo Springs Dental. On top of that, be sure to schedule (and attend!) your two FREE checkups and cleanings per year. They are completely covered by dental insurance, so there is no reason not to! When you take advantage of this benefit in preventive care, you are reducing the chances that you will need more complex restorative care later on. That is good news for your smile and your wallet.

Learn More Today!

If you are covered by Cigna dental insurance, don’t wait to get started saving on dental care! Alamo Springs Dental is prepared to help you save. Get in touch with your Cigna dental provider in San Antonio by calling us today!