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Dental Sealants in Helotes & Alamo Ranch

Did you know that your mouth is a mobile home for millions of bacteria? These microscopic organisms are hard at work every day. Some perform the important job of helping to break down food as part of the process of digestion. Other bacteria, however, are not nearly as helpful; these are the bacteria that excrete acids and other toxins that can eventually lead to tooth decay.

But what if there was a roadblock between these bacteria and acids and the surfaces of your teeth? Then, decay and cavities would be less likely to occur. Dental sealants are that roadblock. Applied as a liquid, sealants quickly harden, providing a solid layer of protection. At Alamo Springs Dental, we offer dental sealants in Helotes for all of our patients. And while they are more commonly recommended for children, they can also be helpful for moms and dads who are more susceptible to cavities.

Receiving Dental Sealants in Helotes

Once you and Dr. Aiyana Anderson or Dr. Michele Moreno decide that dental sealants are the right preventive measure for you or one of your children, the process is really quite simple and short. At the conclusion of one of your dental checkups when your teeth are clean, our dental hygienist will rinse the teeth with water and air-dry them. Then, a solution that is slightly acidic is applied to the surface of molars; dental sealants are rarely placed on incisors because they are not deeply grooved and pitted the way molars are. The solution makes the surface of teeth slightly rough so the bond between the dental sealant material and your teeth is stronger. After a few seconds, the acidic solution is washed away and your teeth are rinsed and dried again.

Now comes the fun part! The hygienist “paints” the liquid plastic on to your back teeth. Using a special curing light, the sealants are quickly dried and hardened. After about 30 minutes or so, you’ll be able to eat whatever you like. Dental sealants are extremely strong—they can endure the normal pressures of biting and chewing—and durable, lasting up to 10 years or more. When you return to Alamo Springs Dental for each scheduled dental checkup, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Moreno will assess the condition of your sealants and replace the ones that are missing or worn thin.